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Online Training
BizTalk Training designed this online software training programme to provide rich learning experience for students using Internet. We Provide Personalized Online Software Training sessions which are of one to three hours duration per day. For this Online Training the total number of sessions depends upon the Student's grasping power, available time and his/her willingness to improve the same.

At an agreed time & date the trainer & the trainees get connected to web based Meeting Center (WebEx). Through this meeting center, the trainer can share his presentations, present demos on the tools; share his desktop in allowing the participants to have a feel of the tools while simultaneously engaged in explanation of the concepts. Trainer's voice & video can be clearly felt by the trainees. Trainees may raise their doubts, any point of time, and the trainer may respond by suitably clarifying them.

The number of Training sessions are purely based on the interest and mutual understanding of the Student and the Trainer.

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Course Name USD
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013
BizTalk Expert Series : BRE
BizTalk Expert Series : EDI
BizTalk Expert Series : ESB
Microsoft BizTalk Workshop 2013